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How to make a sticker in Adobe Illustrator

The steps are as follows:
Open adobe illustratorThen select the tools that you want to create for example you select the circleFurthermore, your own creations sticker you want to create.As an example of the sticker I made and please download Pibul (the crested penguins)

thanks and good luck.

The usefulness of the Windows key

The usefulness of the windows button very much. One of them is as follows:

Windows + L : In this section are used to lock the display of your desktop so that no one else can use indiscriminateWindows + E : In this section is used to display a Windows Explorer so that it can be faster for you to open and search your filesWindows + D : In this section we used to go directly to the desktop.Windows + R + (psr.exe) : In this section we use to display the recorder in windows. Press Windows + R and type psr.exe, after that you can immediately start recording. Windows + R + (osk) : In this section are used to display the on-screen keyboard. Press Windows + R and type osk, then your screen will display a virtual keyboard Windows + ("+") or Windows + ("-") : In this section are used to zoom in or zoom out the display screen or any desktop environment that you are viewing the display on your Windows desktop. Press Windows + ("+") to zoom in or Windows + ("-"…

How to Move the Cursor without using the Mouse

Sometimes we often fret if the mouse that we have suddenly can not be moved so that we become confused how to move the cursor without using the mouse in computer / laptop? For it was on this occasion I will give you tips so that we can utilize the keyboard as a driver of the cursor.

The steps are as follows:  Turn on MouseKeys by pressing Alt + Shift + Numlock.  Then select Settings to set the MouseKeys and put a check mark on the writings of Use MouseKeys Click ApplyNext you can use your keyboard for moving the cursor without using the mouse

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word

Keyboard shortcuts for accessing functions by using keyboard commands, so it can save time and speed up the work.

The following is a combined list of keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word
The combination of Ctrl  Ctrl + A : Block all textCtrl + B : Make text bold (bold)Ctrl + C : Copying textCtrl + D : Looking for type and text effectsCtrl + E : Creating text to the middle of the text (centered)Ctrl + F : Search for text in the scriptCtrl + G : Looking into the intended pageCtrl + H : Changing the wrong text thoroughlyCtrl + I : Make text becomes oblique (italic)Ctrl + J : Make the average full text (align justify)Ctrl + K : Creating a hyperlink, so that the files are relatedCtrl + L : Make text left alignment (align left)Ctrl + M : Creating advanced text 1.27 cm (left indented)Ctrl + N : Create a new worksheetCtrl + O : Open a new file (Ctrl + F12)Ctrl + P : Print the page / textCtrl + Q : Create a default paragraphCtrl + R : Make text flush right (align right)Ctrl + S : Save the scrip…

Advantages of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the operating system Microsoft released to renew from previous versions of Windows Vista. Windows 7 launched on October 28, 2009 as the successor to Windows Vista, Features of Windows 7 was also similar to that of Windows Vista. However, Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista in terms of quality and support for hardware drivers. Some of the features possessed by Windows 7 are: Jump List, Taskbar which opens the program with a small display, Windows Media Player 12, Internet Explorer 8, and others.
Finding Files Quickly To find the file is not too difficult and time consuming. Do I just click on the start menu and type in the search box what will be searched. Once open, select what you want and quickly be realized.See all Window With Easy At a time when many windows open, sometimes we confused the name or contents. Windows 7 helps you see easily with just a peek of the taskbar. The trick with a floating-layankan cursor over the icons of open windows. Will be visible icon an…

How to Fix SSL Error in Google Chrome

Maybe we never have problems SSL Error in the browser as it did on the computerwe use each. Sometimes we are not able to access the site you want us visit. Such errors are usually caused by several factors, such as certificates Web expiration of virus or malware attacks. Therefore on this occasion I will share how to overcome SSL Error that occurred on google chrome browser.

The steps are as follows:

1. Close the first google chrome is being opened
2. Right-click on the google chrome browser on the desktop

How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password

Protecting Microsoft Word document using the password is intended that others can not open and duplicate the contents of the document was ours first document and very important for us. If your important documents easily opened by someone else, then can you make sure the document is very vulnerable to theft of your data. People who intend no good will easily open and copy the contents of the document the results of your work. Therefore, I will share how to keep documents you can stay safe is by way of protecting your documents by using a password. In this document I will try to protect it with a password is a document that I created by using Microsoft Word 2013.

The steps are as follows:
1. Open Microsoft Word 2013 and select New >> blank document ("if you want to create a document new ") or select Open (" if you want to open the document you have previously saved ").
In this case I chose a blank document.

How to Overcome Mozilla Firefox that often Not Responding

Sometimes when we open the site too much, the browser that we use often experience not responding and we become upset because of it, for it was on this occasion, I will give you a solution that may eventually be able to help resolve the issue.

The steps are as follows:
Clear History in Firefox This way to ease the process that occurs in order to avoid firefox not responding. By using ctrl + shift + del, then click on the clear, then firefox history will be erased.

Optimize Firefox Memory Each time you open a web page, Firefox will automatically store it in memory chance. By default Firefox uses the maximum amount of RAM you have. That is why the more you open web, your computer's memory is depleted. To limit you need to add an option: browser.cache.memory.capacity.
The trick is as follows:
Open Firefox, then type about: config in the address. Right click, New> Integer
 Type browser.cache.memory.capacity and press enter After that, enter the number 2048 in the next dialog box. 2048 me…

Microsoft Word has Stopped Working Windows 7

Problems like this usually happens in the Add ins Microsoft Word program, we need to do is to disable the Add ins are causing this problem.

The steps are as follows:

Type "winword.exe / a" in the search box of windows 7 and click "Yes" to run Microsoft Word in safe mode. Then select option

How To Fix High CPU Usage In Windows

Many have experienced the same problems as the rise and fall or instability cpu usage on a laptop / computer. This often happens on the laptop / computer we are lead to data processing, applications, etc to be blocked. For that I will share how to overcome the problem of cpu usage.
The steps are as follows:

Perform Scan Malware or SpywareMost likely the cause of the above problems because the act of malware or spyware that attack a computer without us knowing. Try doing your trust Antivirus Scanning uses to determine if your computer is free from viruses.
Reduce Startup Programs and Services are running. This is also the problem that caused the problem above, I've seen my laptop CPU usage using Task Manager and then I saw that there are some who eat Resource Service is quite large, therefore turn off some Services are not too important, How:
Open the Start MenuClick Run, then type "msconfig" without the quotes In the System Configuration tab select 'service' or &…

How to resolve Error "Raise without Handler" in Adobe Reader

If you encounter problems when you want to open your adobe reader that in this article the problem is one of the raise without handler error then the following remedies. This error often occurs in Adobe Reader 11.0.
The steps are as follows:

Open Windows Explorer (Win + R)Then go to the directory C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Reader 11.0 \ ReaderNext find the file "eula.exe" then double-clickThen he will bring up the option "Accept" and "Decline" and select "Accept"Done and now you try to re-open your adobe reader 11.0 and see the results. Good luck.....

How to Solve 'The file is too large for the destination file system error'

Most of us must have experienced an issue with an error saying "File is too large for the destination file system" when you move large files. Why does this happen? The problem is that the hard drive is formatted as FAT32 as the hard drive can only store a maximum of 4GB large files only. For that I will share to you the way that we can store more than 4GB files into hard drive. I tried it on my flash disk. The steps are as follows:
Sign in to windows explorerNext right click on your flash drive and select properties.
Next right click on your flash drive and select format. Note: before you formatted flash disk should first backup your important dataThen the change FAT32 file system to NTFS and click start and wait until formatting is complete.
After the flash disk is changed to NTFS then you can move files larger than 4GB into your flash drive.

Good luck...

How to Add Shortcut to Desktop Windows 8

When we want to look for an application such as microsoft word, the application turns out we do not put it on the desktop, so that we become difficult to search for the applications to the start menu again. For us I will share how to microsoft word application icon shortcut located on the desktop Windows 8.
The steps are as follows:

Find the application you want to move to the desktop Next right click on the application and select pin to taskbar
 Then the application icon will switch as shown below
Good luck....

How To Disable Autorun / AutoPlay In Windows 8

Sometimes when we insert the flash drive into the computer / laptop and want to open a flash disk suddenly he was immediately opened without any prior notice. It happened because the autorun / autoplay in Windows 8 we are enabled. For that on this occasion I will share how to disable autorun / autoplay such.
The steps are as follows:

 Go to settings by pressing Windows + W and then type "autoplay" (without the quotes)

How to Speed Up Wifi Connection for Windows 8

Sometimes we often complain with the Internet connection speed we use why it becomes slow. For that I will share tips that will probably be able to help improve your internet wifi connection.
The steps are as follows:

 Open CMD (Command Prompt) by pressing "Win + R" and type cmd.
Then after cmd screen appears, type "ipconfig / all" (without the quotes)
and press Enter

USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 8

When we want to retrieve the data contained in flashdik us, and after we plug it into the laptop turns on our laptop usb can not detect the presence of the flash so that we become a little confused. For that I will share with you how to cope with the usb is not detected in laptop in windows 8.
The steps are as follows:

Login to your control panel and select device manager. or by pressing Win + R and type devmgmt.msc then ok.

Furthermore, after an open device manager then click on scan for hardware changes
Then select the universal serial bus controllers and select USB root hub and right click and select properties

How to Protect a Folder From Being Deleted

We often lend computer / laptop to someone else and that person accidentally almost made ​​a folder on the drive we deleted. In anticipation of such an event, then we need to protect folders we have.

The steps are as follows:

Open Windows Explorer (Win + E) and select tools

 Then after the folder options appears, select view and give tick on the use simple file sharing (Recommended) and click Ok

Subsequently after that right click on the folder you select and click properties and select security and then select advance.